© John Fenerov 2018

© John Fenerov 2018

Literature & Art (2017-)

I’m working to inform visually through the works of art inspired by the great works of literature—to increase the reading awareness and push self-improvement, for a sustainable lifestyle and career. Primarily for the youth aged from 10 to 20 years old, for such young generation that has become the new era of confusion in schools and resembling the modern Great Depression era. Those are who have no time to read a book or simply not motivated. My dissertation focuses on literary paradigm shift aided by art and should aspire them to read or at least try.

History of Editorial Illustrated Magazine Covers (2019)

We read magazines on a daily basis, we look at the front cover and yet we are not aware of its effectiveness. How the idea works and how it engages us to stay interested, that’s why we buy them, because of the image. The image is creative in its own right. It is first seen before the text is read. In this research several questions have been eliminated, as to what makes a cover effective for editorial publication, what are the examples of editorial magazines, what is the process of an editorial illustrator. Furthermore, it has proved that the role of the editorial illustrator and how the covers are chosen is a worrying concern because not everyone in the field is suitable for the job.

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